Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

The Silk Road Society is on the lookout for original writing, photography and video that promotes the countries of the Silk Road, whether it’s on the land-based route or on the maritime route. If there is a Silk Road connection, or you simply want to share your experience in Uzbekistan or China with us then let us know. To share with us, please send your submissions to [email protected].

Please read the following before submitting:

  1. Please avoid on submitting specific topics or story angles we’ve already published. Use the search or tag bar, or if you have an idea, send a brief pitch to us.
  2. Publishing rights. The author or photographer grants us permission to use his/her stories, hereinafter referred to as the Work, at any of the websites within the Silk Road Society, hereinafter referred to as the Publisher, as well as any future publications associated with the Silk Road Society. The use of the work gives us first right to publish the piece, but all rights revert to the author following publication. However the Author grants the publisher the right to archive work on our blog. If the work is republished in print or digital form, the Author agrees to name “The Silk Road Society” as first publisher and provide a link to the original work.
  3. Send in an original draft of maximum 1500 words. Check spelling, punctuation, grammar and facts. Submissions sent with numerous errors are unprofessional and will not be considered for publication. Do not embed photos in document, simply indicate that photos are available upon request.
  4. Photos/photo essays. If you’re submitting a photo essay, please include a description of the essay with sample captions, but do not include photos in your submission. Instead, prepare an online photo album and link to it in your draft.

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