Mission | Countries of the Silk Road

The Silk Road Society is collective of like-minded people brought together by our love of travel and cultural interest in the countries of the Silk Road.

We’re not experts, just a group that love to learn about the varying aspect of the Silk Road countries and to share that knowledge with others.

At the Silk Road Society we aim to explore all the recorded and potential connections with the historic Silk Road. It is not our intention to re-write history, and while we undertake our research to the best of our abilities, you’ll still find that discrepancies still occur in varying sources covering the Silk Road and its proposed routes, as mentioned before, we’re not academics and we do not profess to be used as an academic source. We are an unbiased and non-political group, and we have a neutral political stance on the countries we cover.

We’re a platform to share information and experiences on. Our mission is to raise awareness for these countries through our site and blog, our events such as the Silk Road Festival, for charitable causes and to partake in a rich cultural exchange with the countries on the Silk Road.

We encourage our members to get involved, whether it’s via blog or photo submissions, or simply coming along to our events. Membership is free and all that’s required is a spirit of adventure and a desire to learn.


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