Merv Silk Road Route to the Mediterranean

After Merv, Turkmenistan the caravans crossed into Persia and continued in a straight line towards the Mediterranean. The route traversed modern day Iran and Iraq, passing the Persian cities of Mashhad and Rey, currently in modern day Tehran, before going onto Bagdad and the Mediterranean Coast. In Iran, the route also splintered down into Isfahan, Shiraz, and another strand led to the city of Yazd.

Towards the end of the land-based Silk Road, you can think of it breaking up into a delta of routes that carried the trading caravans in different directions.

Some of the caravans headed into Syria, to Damascus and the Syrian ports, others ventured slightly more north and into Antioch and made their way into Turkey from there, while further routes turned further south into Lebanon to the port of Tyre. A part of the road also travelled into Hera via Susa and the ancient city of Charax Spasinu at the head of the Persian Gulf and crossed into Jordan, going through the rock carved city of Petra before making its way down into Egypt to Alexandria. From the Mediterranean, the goods were carried to the rest of Europe by ship, or even into the rest of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

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