The Silk Road refers to a collection of routes that branch out across Asia, spanning the continent from China over to the Middle East, even reaching into Russia, Turkey and the Caucasus. The network began in Changan, today’s Xian in China, crossing western China and Central Asia over into Europe, traversing Iran, Turkey, and even down towards India. The route splintered into various sub-routes and diversion that headed in different directions, all of which collectively formed the most important trade network in history

Welcome to Silk Road Society!

At the Silk Road Society, we look to bring travelers and enthusiasts together on all things concerning the historic Silk Road, its countries, and their cultures. We are passionate about travel and exploring far-flung places, and we’re always looking for the next adventure round the corner – whether at home or abroad.

History has made its mark on the countries dotted along the Silk Road, which traverses Central Asia from its starting point in China and spans as far as the Mediterranean and the South Caucasus, turning it into the original international marketplace and global melting pot. It’s for those very reasons we’re fascinated with the Silk Road, not to mention the dramatic changes in landscape and experiences to be had en route. Whether its driving through dusty tracks in Tajikistan, discovering Tbilisi’s modern art scene or delving into the historical aspects of China’s original silk trade, we want to know about it.

We do not claim to be experts or academics, but rather we are a group bonded together by a mutual and passionate interest in learning more about the countries of the Silk Road.

Here at the Silk Road Society we hope to inspire you by imparting our own enthusiasm for these countries and their respective cultures, and we hope you’ll also share your Silk Road experiences with us too.

You’ll find a section about each country in brief, travels stories, cultural news, and invitation to our events. We are currently planning our very first annual Silk Road Festival at Brody House Studios in Budapest 12-14 May 2014 – come along for some food, dance, art, interesting talks and wine!

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These pages are based on our own personal interests in the Silk Road and have no political opinion or agenda attached to them.

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